Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sup guys, lately i've gottan back into playing twilight princess. Damn, that whole franchise is good don't you think. Seriously its pretty great. Plus we've had a pretty cloudy day here in San Diego. Makes for pleasant weather sometimes. Perfect for not going out and just chillin at home playing zelda. I've really grown to love her character. I even got pro with her on SSBB. Triforce tier status. Anyone else play as her?

Well, anyways hit me back if you do, seeya :P


  1. Twilight Princess is awesome. I do indeed support this blog.

  2. Sheik is one of my mains in Brawl, if that counts. :P

  3. Nice blog
    Sharing the love and following
    return the favour :)

  4. Doing my daily round, and awesome blog mate!

  5. I got all they way through the ice mansion, and found out i had to go on a goddamn treasure hunt. i quit wind waker for the same reason after it forced me to go fishing for scrolls.

    nice blog, good look to it, check mine out its...interesting

  6. Love that game, I will be mentioning and probably reviewing it here.